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Budokai Character Bio - Nial by AlastorZingari Budokai Character Bio - Nial by AlastorZingari
For the :iconbudokai: club. this is certainly not any sort of official ability set for him, just an amped up version for the club. As you can see he uses Technology to augment the fact that he's just a lil' ol human.

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Name: Nial Strumla

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Race: Corellian (Human)

Power Level: 1

Techniques and their effects (optional): Nial is a battle hardened warrior having survived three Galactic scale wars and countless smaller conflicts. As a trained Strike Trooper he is skilled with unarmed combat, vibroblades, and fire arms. As a Colonel, he has access to a few rather nasty toys.. Frequently used techniques are as follows:

Blaster Shot: Standard Ki Blast alternative. Nial shoots his blaster at a target.

Rapid Fire: Nial draws his blaster and fires several blasts at a target

Blaster Rifle: Standard Energy attack. Nial draws his Strike Trooper blaster rifle and fires a three round burst at a target.

Suppressing Fire: Enhanced Energy attack. Nial draws his Strike Trooper blaster rifle and unleashes a barrage of rapid fire bursts.

Strike Trooper Take down: Nial strikes his target with a number of quick jabs to key areas such as the solar plexus, drives them to their knees, then draws his Vibroblade and finishes the job. Enhanced physical combo.

Stun Grenade: Negligible damage, target is stunned temporarily.

Smoke Grenade: Temporarily reduces Target's ability to hit Nial.

Thermal Detonator: Standard Energy attack. Nial throws a Thermal detonator that detonates a few seconds later, Area of Effect.

Designated Sniper: Nial calls in a Galactic Alliance sniper strike against a target. Enhanced Energy Attack

Air Support: Lacking the ability to fly Nial is at a disadvantage against a target who can fly. Or he would be if he couldn't call in support from a squadron of XJ3 X-wings. Counter Air Attack.

Price of a Mile: Special Attack. An entire platoon of Strike Troopers arrive to aid Nial. Each member takes shot at the target resulting in a massive barrage of firepower (16-26 hits).

Base Delta Zero: Nial calls in a BDZ from his ship the Harrier II In orbit. This deals massive damage to the target, and devastates the area around Nial and the target. Advanced targeting computers keep Nial from being damaged.

Character History(optional): TBA
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May 6, 2010
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