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March On by AlastorZingari
March On
Been a while since I uploaded something huh? Busy with work, school and working on Crimson Blade with ZipDraw and RBL-M1A2Tanker pretty much eat up most of my time. The free time I do have, goes into games. But also lately I've been playing with the Demo Record function in Cryptic Studios games Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. For the first time today I decided to use Demo Record in space, turns out it kinda green screened the space background for me (well blue screened but we don't wanna mistake BSODs here). So I decided to have some fun with it. I added a background, Spacescape 01 by Crimsonight and an added fog layer to make it seem like the 'weather' effecting the system is also what the ships are moving through. So here we go, have a story.

Here we see the Ignis Purgatorio and her combat group passing through a star system in the delta quadrant, using the nebulous nature of the area to avoid detection as it moves to flank a Vaadwaur assault group heading towards a trap being laid by the Delta Alliance.

The Ignis Purgatorio is a captured Elachi Seshar Dreadnaught, not the first Alien Ship Admiral Forthright has had to command over the years, probably not the last, but the Purgatorio has a unique distinction. It is the single most destructive vessel he has ever commanded. Covered in enough weapons arrays to almost make a Scimitar commander jelous it easily outclasses even the most heaviliy armed Federation cruiser in terms of sheer firepower. That however, was apparently not enough. The Elachi, they operate in quick hit and run raids, anonymity and swiftness are their ally, but the Seshar does not follow that theme. The vessels is not only equipped with a staggering number of weapon relays but also fighter bays. The Purgatorio boasts a full complement of highly advanced Scorpion Fighters gifted by the Romulan Republic for assistance not only in helping rebuild New Romulus but keeping the Elachi from destroying their new home. It does not end there however. The Seshar can deploy it's lower half into an autonimous (or commanded) battle section, a Seshar Assault Vessel. This vessel alone is on par with a Sovereign on a good day, and a specialized set of subspace transievers allow the Purgatorio to call in and her crew remotely control two Monbosh class support craft. In standard combat operations she fields an entire squadron of fighters, two support craft, and an assault vessel to deliver an unrelenting assault on the enemies of the Federation from all directions. And though not operational, due to damage revived with the vessel was capture, once repairs are complete she will have access to the two spinal mounted Crescent Wave Cannons mounted on the Assault frame and the primary hull.

Ships rendered in Star Trek Online's Demo Record function
Background by Crimsonight
Ignis Purgatorio belonging to AlastorZingari
Ship Designs by Cryptic Studios
Star Trek owned by CBS and Paramount
Dec 28, 2014
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I am a gamer and writer. I currently write for the indie comic Crimson Blade. I also do podcasting and use my 'podcast klout' to help promote artists to the world. I do not however like being solicited for commissions.

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So according to DeviantARTs new Artist Dating service my partner for a "One Night Art Jam Session" is :iconbreathing4love:




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